What is Habledash?

Hay * bull * dash

On a dark, stormy and possibly drunk evening in late 2009, Habledash was launched to deliver political insight and inappropriate humor from a conservative perspective to the news, while exposing the radical liberal agenda and the Obama administration.

With the most radical administration in history destroying the country, Americans need to be aware of how they'll be affected.  We have a White House that uses propagandist tactics to enforce their ideology, and we must properly educate and inform individuals so we can stop the Left from stealing our liberty and freedom.  Enter Habledash.

The spending in Washington is out of control.  Lifetime politicians continue to pay back their constituents.  We're fed lies everyday by a media that is in bed with the Obama administration.  We have a president with a completely unknown past; he has a long list of radical friends ranging from anti-Semites (Jeremiah Wright) to domestic terrorists (Bill Ayers); he is an incompetent leader.  Habledash exposes the stories the mainstream media ignores.  Habledash delivers political insight and inappropriate humor.

So, what does Habledash mean?

A dictionary definition provides the following:

Hay * bull * dash


  1. A ridiculous occurrence of events;
  2. Weapon from medieval times (pending actual proof)

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