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This is a great talk show!  If you're not in the Pittsburgh area, listen to Quinn and Rose on XM/Sirius 158.  The best part of the show are Quinn's "Head's Up".  He picks a song that is very fitting for a topic, with one of the funnier ones being The Beatles - Drive My Car for the Ted Kennedy Head's Up.  Here's a quick guide to the show taken from their War Room website.

Quick Start Guide to the Quinn and Rose Show

QUINNs FIRST LAW: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

1. We believe the solution to the human condition is Liberty.  Three hundred years of the most successful country the globe has ever seen is proof enough.  No government program created this country, free people created this country.

2. The unspoken Bush doctrine is this, the decades of the dictators are over.  We had a parade of them for a hundred years.  They have killed one hundred million of us.  We have learned our lesson.  UPDATE SINCE NOVEMBER: MAYBE WE HAVENT.

3. America is not an Imperialist nation despite what your professors tell you.  We are not shoving our way of life down anyones throats, we are shoving freedom down the throats of tyrants so other people can chose their own way of life.  That is the answer to the question "What is the role of the worlds only superpower?".

4. Marxism is the greatest threat to human freedom and growth.  It has never worked anywhere it has been tried, but it is still taught in every college.  Its time to drain the swamp of these 1960s reprobates and charge them with selling a defective product.  UPDATE: RADICAL ISLAM NOW JOINS MARXISM, AND LIBERALS ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO ENABLE IT. NOW THE MSA IS ON EVERY COLLEGE CAMPUS AND LIBERALS ARE FALLING ALL OVER THEMSELVES TO KOWTOW TO IT.

5. America is not the world largest polluter because a) carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, it is plant food. b) In terms of wealth versus tons of pollution we are the cleanest country on earth because we are free and have the disposable income to clean up after our selves; something the vaunted Soviet block never had.

6. The environmental movement uses the environment and animal species as an excuse for putting the means of production (the land) off limits to the American citizen.  Putting the means of production off limits to the citizen is the definition of communism.  UPDATE: PUTTING GAS AND OIL OFF LIMIITS TO THE CITIZEN IS THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY.

7. We have a highly progressive income tax.  The tax code rewards bad choices and punishes good ones.  Russia has moved to a 13% flat tax.  So we have Karl Marxs tax system and Russia has Steve Forbes.  If you dont see a problem here, you are probably a registered democrat.

8. Abortion is the Sacrament of the Feminist Church.  It is the ultimate celebration of the separation of a woman from her nature.  Feminists like this will go to any lengths to protect this so-called right.  There is no abortion argument that is not rooted in feminist rage, personal inconvenience, or self loathing.

9. The fundamental difference between Liberals and Conservatives is - Liberals see every new life as a potential problem and a burden.  Conservatives see every new life as a potential source of creativity and wealth.  Allow me to elaborate a little bit on that:  When your view of your responsibility to your fellow citizen is to take care of them through government planning and government force, every new person born becomes another mouth to feed another person to educate another burden on the states resources.  If you are a liberal you believe that resources are limited and there is only so much to go around.  You see yourself or government policy as the arbiters of who gets what.  A conservative understands that new wealth is created every time human creativity acts on a resource and is unlimited.  To a conservative, life is a blessing.  To a liberal life is a curse.  (Does this clarify their love of abortion and euthanasia?)

10. There is no conclusive evidence that humans have caused global warming.  It is the hoax of the century, and it makes a lot of people a lot of grant money.  It also makes a convenient excuse for putting a global governor on capitalism to make the world fair for dictators and socialist welfare states.  So, why not teach it to our kids and lets pretend that its true? UPDATE: EVEN THE UN IS NOW HAVING DOUBTS AND SCIENTISTS ARE WARNING THAT WE MAY BE RETURNING TO THE MINI ICE AGE OF THE 16 AND 1700s.

11. No-one had ever died trying to paddle a rubber boat from Miami to Cuba.

12. Racial profiling is what groups pejoratively call common sense when they have a problem that they dont want to talk about.  When you notice that several Middle Eastern men boarding an airplane are acting strangely, you yank them out of line and your airline gets sued for 1.2 million dollars.  You were engaging in common sense, but they say you were engaging in racial profiling.  And so racial profiling is what groups call common sense when they have a problem they dont want to talk about.  And when they say they do want to discuss it with you they really dont they just want to shut you up.

13. To a Conservative adversity is indistinguishable from opportunity.

14. The United Nations is an expensive farce that allows tyrants to park illegally and pretend that they are legitimate World Statesmen - they are not They are thugs in $4000.00 suits.

15. Wahhabist Islam is a global mental illness.  It is a sickness, it is a cancer and it is evil.

16. There is such a thing as Evil, and you cannot negotiate with it.

17. Common sense and government are mutually exclusive.  Government is what you do when you've decided that you cant trust the citizen to use their common sense.  So, when you as an elitist and one of our betters notices that not all of us out here are perfect, and not all of us make the right judgments about everything, you then impose your bureaucratic rules upon us and we cant use our common sense any more.  Dont ever let a politician tell you that he is going to bring common sense to government.  The only way to bring common sense to government is to get rid of government and allow people to use their common sense instead.

18. Reganomics is the only economics that works.  Lowering tax rates increases wealth to everyone, including the government because there is no limit to wealth.  New wealth is created where wealth did not exist before when a human acts on a resource and humans can only do that when they are free.  (see: North Korea and Palestine) Taxes are restrictions on freedom.

19. The Second Amendment [to the US constitution] is the essential counterbalance to the fearsome power of lawmaking, and it means exactly what it says.  ["A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."]  If you are a lawmaker and this amendment makes you nervous; good!  As long as you stay nervous you have nothing to fear.

20. In our Republic, God is a necessary legal concept.  This is not a Democracy, it is a Representative Constitutional Republic and there is a big difference.  In case you are wondering why so many of the Socialists out there want God out of everything in our public life there is a real utilitarian reason for this.  It is not just that the idea of God makes them uncomfortable personally.  God is a major speed bump on their super highway to their super state.  Why?  Because our founding documents set forth that our rights as humans pre-date the government of men, those rights cannot be abridged (at least easily).  They come from God and are inalienable.  Drive God out of the mix and rights will flow from government.  Once that happens government will alter and abridge those rights because they can.  Whether God exists or not he is necessary for the maintenance of freedom.

21. There is no such thing as the separation of church and state.  That is a trick to intimidate people of faith.  The founders feared a Church of the United States, not a manger scene outside the courthouse or red and green cookies in school.  In using this canard as a tool to drive all God centered religion out of public life, the secular humanist actually establishes an official state religion.  That religion is Atheism.

22. Rules of war: War is the only effective means for defeating evil.

23. In war there is no such thing as excessive force.

24. Using only the amount of force necessary to win, insures that you will lose.

25. The U.N. does not prevent war.  It prevents war from working by stopping it before there is a definitive result.  (see: Korea, Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah) In doing so it invalidates the sacrifices of blood and treasure.

26. You cannot legalize gay marriage because there is no such thing.  Its like legalizing the square wheel.  There is no such thing as that either.  Marriage as a concept was created so as to give a name to an arrangement between a man and woman that has the potential to create the lives of the next generation of citizens.  If sex between a man and a woman didnt create the next generation of citizens there would be no need for a word to describe their relationship since civilization would have no interest in it.  We would just hook up with each other and when we got bored move on.  Gay activists understand this and it explains the headlong plunge into gay adoption as an attempt to legitimize the oxymoron, Gay Marriage.

27. White privilege is a mythical advantage attributed by progressives to white people to explain away the social and economic failure of minority group politics.





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