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Tracy Morgan Masturbates to Sarah Palin While Kate Walsh Protests Bristol Palin

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin can't - and won't - catch a break from anyone.  Hours after the psychopath Jared Loughner murdered six people, the liberal media, most notably the bloggers living in their parent's basements, specifically blamed Palin for causing the situation by inciting violence.  It was one of the sickest moments in modern television.  Now she has to face the fact that the alleged comedian Tracy Morgan masturbates to her and her glasses.

The Palin's are never going to be taken out of liberal's "crosshairs."  Hell, even the actress Kate Walsh, who plays a whore in just about every role, including her real life, urged student's at Washington University to protest Bristol Palin speaking about abstinence on their campus, something we doubt the slut Kate Walsh ever practiced.  The protests caused Bristol to cancel the speech.  The real message here is guilt by association:  Kate Walsh hates Sarah Palin.  There is little anyone could have against Bristol.  It was the liberal media that made her a focus, something lacking in Kate Walsh's whorish career and personal life.

On Thursday night of Inside the NBA on TNT, 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan fell victim to lack of original material.  Host Charles Barkley asked Morgan, "Sarah Palin's good looking, isn't she?"

"Now let me tell you something about Sarah Palin man, she's good masturbation material.  The glasses and all that?  Great masturbation material."

Doing something that's been unheard of in the liberal media, TNT issued an apology:

"It's unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgement on our air with his inappropriate comments."

That's called acting like an adult.  Aside from TNT's political point of view, although it's primarily an entertainment channel, they took the higher ground an issued an apology.  The liberal media should take note, especially the sick perverts that actually tried to link Sarah Palin to the Arizona shooting, even after all evidence disproves their wet dream.

Liberals hate Sarah Palin because she's an attractive woman that's made it this far without needed the help of the liberal cabal.  Bristol is hated because she's her daughter.  Seriously, what has Bristol ever done?  She was on Dancing of the Stars, and has an ex-boyfriend is so dumb he actually makes Vice Idiot Joe Biden look smart.

Again, kudos to TNT.  And guess what, we'd expect the same if someone made the same comment about the slob yenta Joy Behar (or is it Joe Behar?).  If this was on any mainstream network news channel, they'd be trying to find out how they could turn this topic into a reality show.  We have nothing against Tracy Morgan.  However, Hollywood should stay out of politics - they're detached from reality.  In Kate Walsh's case, she's just a whore that wants more attention and she's jealous of Bristol Palin.

Tracy Morgan:  there's tons of free porn on the internet.  We suggest he look there or one a liberal, feminist icon like....Nancy Pelosi?  Or members of the National Organization of Women.  Okay, stick to the internet.

The Loyal Opposition is a contributing editor for Habledash.



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