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Michelle Obama: Eat Your Vegetables While I Eat French Fries

Oh yes, we've found another perfect example of liberalism: do as I say, not as I do.  Byron York over at the Washington Examiner has some interesting reporting on the nation's top organic gardner during her visit to South Africa.  First Lady Michelle Obama, whose Chicago background is squeaky clean, spoke to youngsters at the University of Cape Town about how anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.  Heck, just look at her husband - the only thing he's ever accomplished is getting elected as President of the free world!  Well, after her speech, she opened up the floor to questions because she's such an interesting individual.

When asked about her favorite food, it wasn't collard greens, fruits or vegetables, as one would expect from the organic gardening pioneer.

"My favorite?  Oh, this is a tough one.  It is tough, you know, because if I say something not healthy, people will be, like, you aren't really committed to health.  If I say something healthy, you know -- I do -- honestly, I like all kinds of foods."

Yes, all kinds of fatty foods.

"No, if I picked one favorite, favorite food, it's French fries.  Okay?  It's French fries. I can't stop eating them.  But eat your vegetables.  And exercise."

Below is a video of the event.

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