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New Tell-All Book Exposes Obama's Knowledge of the Economy

A shocking new book has been released by Chattanooga, Tennessee local, Jimmy Moncrief.  Titled, Everything Obama Knows About the Economy, the tell-all book looks deep into Obama's Marxist upbringing and his extreme disdain for the American economic system: capitalism.  Oh, how we kid!  Moncrief, an independent, is a 30-year old banker that put together the gag gift, which is filled with 200 blank pages describing what President Obama knows about the economy: nothing!

The book can be purchased on Amazon, but it's temporarily out of stock.  Moncrief didn't expect this to take off the way it has. 

“Initially, I made 100 of them just because I figured I had enough friends and family to kind of give out as gifts.  But what happened was when I got a hundred, I sold them all within a week or two.”

Since Everything Obama Knows About the Economy was released a few weeks ago, hundreds have been sold.  He said that the book ends up being an effective notebook, but he did plan on making money from the project.

“I like capitalism so I was like, ‘how can I make money off this.’ It’s just a funny gift, you know? I just wanted to get people to laugh.”

Ah, yes, capitalism.  A subject Obama knows nothing about and has complete contempt for.  Although this is a pretty decent prank, it's fundamentally true: Obama knows nothing about economics.

The Loyal Opposition is a contributing editor for Habledash.


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