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Step Aside, Broccoli!: Michelle Obama Celebrates Birthday at HIgh End Steakhouse

While Occupy Wall Street creeps were busy throwing smoke bombs at the White House, the Obama's were out celebrating the First Lady's birthday in an elitist manner.  We know, elitism and the Obama's are never in the same sentence!  Based on the reports, it's perfectly clear why so many refer to Michelle Obama as Michelle Antoinette: she believes she's royalty.  CNS News reported on the evening affair, which took place at BLT Steak, a restaurant that has a $28 hamburger called "The Obama" - we're uncertain if it's a favorite of "angry black" women.  The dining was top shelf, as everything is with the Obama's.  Someone needs to tell Michelle that all of that meat goes straight to her thighs!

Look, this is the First Lady of the United States.  She certainly has the right to celebrate her birthday however she likes.  It just happens to be ironic that Michelle Obama, who is as much of a Marxist as her husband, has no problem lecturing the country on what they should eat, while showing off her pathetic dance moves.  Let's Move! 

But the Obamas didn't have burgers--they reportedly had steak in the private dining room. In response to a query from, the BLT restaurant chain would not provide any details of the Obamas' visit, except to say they were "quite honored to have them as our guests."

But according to one food blog--in a town famous for leaks--the President and Mrs. Obama ordered a 10-ounce American Wagyu steak, which at $81 is the second most expensive item on the menu, just behind the 12-ounce American Wagyu for $92.

Dessert reportedly was a special-order red velvet cake.

The a la carte dinner menu, posted online, shows the Obamas had plenty of food to choose from: The appetizers at BLT Steak range in price from $11 (for a Bibb lettuce salad with mustard dressing) to $34 for a dozen oysters.

Entrees range from $26 for lemon-rosemary chicken to $92 for the 12-ounce Wagyu Ribeye.

Side dishes include an $8 order of French fries or onion rings. The most expensive side dish is i$13 for "Hen of the Woods" mushrooms.

Most desserts are $10, and they include crêpe soufflé with passion fruit sauce and mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce and coffee ice cream.

The restaurant's assistant general manager told the blog Foodorama that Michelle Obama "dines with us quite regularly."

Liberalism: ideas so good they have to be mandatory!  Look at how Michelle pigged out while she demands that everyone else eat broccoli.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is liberalism at its finest!

Darrell Lect is a contributing editor for Habledash.


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