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Barack Obama: The Most Arrogant Man in the World

Liberals have often dominated the comedy spectrum when it comes to political advertisements.  Granted, they have a unique tool at their disposal: the elite media that carries their water.  Therefore, conservatives have had trouble in the creative perspective, but that has completely changed since a rabble-rousing, community organizer began occupying the White House, otherwise known as Barack Obama: The Most Arrogant Man in the World.

The ad, created by Right Change, hits on the infamous Dos Equis imported beer commercials that feature "the most interesting man in the world."  Dos Equis has created quite the following with their advertisements, and the ad by Right Change is a perfect knockoff.

The point is clear: Barack Obama is not only arrogant, but he's also an incompetent ideologue.  If liberals in comedy didn't choose to be political, they'd have comedic gold on their hands.

Darrell Lect is a contributing editor for Habledash.


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