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Cruella De Vil Takes Over Body of HHS Secretary in the Wake of H1N1 Outbreak

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified to the Senate last week about the H1N1 outbreak, but the audience was shocked at what they saw.  It wasn't Sebelius that was addressing Congress, but Disney's Cruella De Vil, cleverly disguised as Sebelius.  In what one can only imagine is a side-effect of the H1N1 virus, Secretary De Vil was still able to calm the audience.

When asked about the spread of H1N1, she responded, "Get me those puppies!"  Congress remained clueless, except for Barney Frank, who understood the reference to Dalmatian puppies and their soft fur used in beautiful women's garments, which he may or may not own many of.

Concerned public officials asked the secretary about her eye and when she would be expecting a full recovery.  She replied, "After 103 Dalmatian's is out of production."  Officials remain concered, but are excited about the third installment.

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