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How Gay Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings Really Got His Job

Obama's safe school czar is pretty creepy.  The kind of sick things he wants to teach to kids will make any parent run for the hills.  From fisting to man/boy sexual relationships, he's a pedophile's dream.  Somehow, the mainstream media has omitted any coverage of this freak, as they have with most of Obama's czars.  But Kevin Jennings is particularly interesting because he's in charge of our children's safety.  That was until one of the most amazing shows on television decided to take a look at how Jennings was hired for the position.

The FOX News show Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld that airs at 3am eastern time, which has higher ratings that some primetime CNN shows, is not only hilarious, but it also took a closer look at how this freak may have been hired for the position.  It's this type of investigative journalism that's needed throughout the rest of the media.  Oh, and Greg's co-host Bill Shultz is about as cool as a rash.

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