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Bush Wipes Haitian Sweat on Clinton's Shirt

Former President George W. Bush gives the current Vice Idiot Joe Biden a run for his money when it comes to comedy.  Bush has always been known for making gaffes or just making up words, but it didn't help that the liberal media painted him as an idiot - he didn't get away with anything.  Former Presidents Bush and Clinton have been promoting their Haiti aid fundraiser to support the devastated country after the recent earthquake, in which the two just visited the country and left a wonderful impression.

Let me just say that this video is absolutely hilarious!  Watch W shake the Haitian's hand, which was probably covered in snot and/or sweat, and then wipe it on Clinton's shoulder.  BUT what's even funnier is Clinton's reaction, which we're only able to see just a second of.  Bill clearly knows that he's been had!

'W' has been known to have a germ phobia, so to all the creeps out there that are saying this was racism, go cry Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.

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