Labor Union Thugs Transcend Wisconsin to Protest Tea Party; Sarah Palin

Sign from previous Wisconsin protest.On Saturday, a Tea Party rally was held in Madison, Wisconsin. This is now a common occurrence as the movement took its first form two years ago on Tax Day. The event included former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and conservative commentator and author of Righteous Indignation, Andrew Breitbart. The result was what one would expect given the previous two months in Wisconsin's capital: degenerate union thugs showed up to protest and show America how incredibly unattractive and disgusting they really are, both physically and mentally.

Whenever there's a Tea Party rally, there's an anti-Tea Party rally. This is easy for union workers because most aren't held to any account, so skipping a day of work to agitate usually gets nothing but praise from their extreme liberal bosses. Heck, America saw Wisconsin teachers lie using fake doctor's notes to protest Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's budget plan.

The video below is not a promotional video from the Ringling Brothers Circus - these are actual liberals and socialists, many of which are violent union members, wearing their Saturday's best just to show how much they hate what America stands for. They also hate Palin and Breitbart - Palin because she's extremely effective and they can't tolerate her and Breitbart because he tells it like it is and has crippled some of their freakish organizations.

Filled with filthy, dirty hippies trying to mimic the Village People, these leftists contribute more to agitating than they do to society. There was also a video of creep trash talking a 14-year old girl, who gave a speech to the Tea Party. His maturity was sublime, as one would expect from a pervert who verbally attacks a child. We were unable to locate this video. If someone has found it, please send an email and we will add it.

Imagine if these liberals put as much time into doing their job as they do complaining and agitating? They wouldn't be constantly protesting and demanding handouts and wealth distribution.

The Loyal Opposition is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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