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The Tides Foundation: At the Heart of the Radical Left

Glenn Beck loves using his chalkboard on his hit TV show on FOX News.  One thing you'll notice at the center of many of his artist renderings is a non-for-profit organization called The Tides Foundation.  Beck links Tides to ACORN, George Soros, Media Matters for America, Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and the Center for American Progress to name a few.  So what's behind the Tide's Foundation and how radical are they?

Here's how the Tides Foundation operates:  they allow donors to anonymously contribute money to a variety of causes.  This helps them avoid public accountability for their donations.  A donor makes a check to Tides and instructs Tides to forward the money.  Are you familiar with money laundering?  This is exactly how Tides operates.  There is no paper trail, which makes it ideal for high-profile individuals to fund extremist organizations without any record.

There is the Tides Foundation and the Tides Center.  Both are virtually of the same entity and, combined, donate roughly $100 million to far left radical groups each year.  Drummond Pike is the founder of Tides.  He is an extreme anti-war activist.  What people need to know is that Tides has funded over 100 radical, left-wing groups, which played a significant role in getting President Obama elected in 2008.  The media didn't do any due diligence when they vetted Obama and some recipients of Tides funding were behind this very closely.  Here is some information on the organizations that Tides funds.  This is taken from the Rich Guys Club:

The Ruckus Society is a group of environmental anarchists dedicated to the violent overthrow of America.  One of its projects is to train people to disrupt events such as political party conventions using street blockades and other violent techniques.  Its director has publicly stated that, "you can use vandalism strategically."  They received $200,000 from the Tides Foundation.

Here are a few more radical groups the Tides funds.  This is taken from the Our Liberty 1776 Blog:

Among these are United for Peace and Justice, which is led by pro-Castro activist Leslie Cagan; the National Lawyers Guild, an organization with fifty years of involvement in pro-Communist and anti-American causes; the equally radical Center for Constitutional Rights; and the Council for Islamic Relations, three of whose executives have been indicted for terrorist activities.

CAIR is a radical organization that wants Sharia Law imposed in the United States.  Something that few people know is the radical sect of Islam, the Islamic extremists and fundamentalists, will not stop until their religion is the only one left on this planet.  Forget arguing or rational thought.  If you're not a Muslim, these extremists want you dead.  This is something that, unfortunately, you won't find in your child's history book.  Tides has funded CAIR.  Three of CAIR's leaders have been arrested for pro-Jihadist activities.  What does CAIR do?  They spend most of their time attacking American efforts to track, monitor, and arrest domestic terrorists.  From the Rich Guys Club, "They have opposed virtually every effort by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to monitor Islamic radicals known to be engaged in pro-Jihadist activity."

The reason Habledash is investigating Tides is because of a recent video that's been exposed on FOX News.  The video is called the "Story of Stuff."  Habledash will not link to this because of the lies and anti-American rhetoric displayed in the video, but we will show the video at the end of this article.  What's troubling is that schools have been showing this DVD to thousands of children.

Annie Leonard is the narrator and likely a die-hard feminist who probably doesn't have a boyfriend.  Leonard cites information that is incorrect.  She claims that 50% of the United States budget goes to the military.  Do you know where she got that fact from?  The War Resisters League, a hard-left, anti-war organization.  The number is more in the range of 20% - 25%.  There are other claims she makes that are so far fetched they're not even worth mentioning.  So where does the Tides Foundation fit in to this?  They funded the video.

Obama has connections to most radical left-wing groups in one way or another.  He's the far-lefts Manchurian Candidate.  But the question that still remains is why?  Why are anti-American groups likes Tides, CAIR, and the Apollo Alliance funding the far-left in this country?  Why do they want to turn America into Europe?  The more that's uncovered leads us to believe that it's a few elite, hard-left liberal groups that are controlling strategic decisions in this country.  Stay tuned as Habledash continues to investigate these organizations.

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-cheif of Habledash.

As promised, here is the Story of Stuff video.  Habledash does not take responsibility for the extreme barfing that is likely to occur.

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