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Idiot Hollywood Leftists Sean Penn and Michael Douglas Travel to Cuba

Best friends - Chavez and Penn!Everyone knows Sean Penn has completely lost his mind and has a severe distaste for America.  It seems he's in love with dictators who also hate America.  There was a time when anybody who traveled to Cuba would be shunned.  Today they're greeted with open arms.  Penn claimed to be potentially working on a story for Vanity Fair and The Huffington Post, but the story has yet to be assigned.  Penn spent Tuesday in Cuba with fellow leftist Michael Douglas, and then jetted off to meet with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Sean Penn is a weasel; a real creep.  After Hurricane Katrina, he went to New Orleans to help, but with a very friendly photographer who was great at publishing the photos so Penn could get positive PR out of the deal.  Why can't he go back to being Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

Yet Penn, who's made his entire living in this country, hates America!  Hollywood is so detached from society.  These dictators are anti-America and severely suppress the people in their countries.  What could Penn possibly be traveling to Cuba and Venezuela for?  It turns out that in Venezuela Penn met with Cuban writer Alejo Carpenter, where the two discussed Penn shooting a film in the country.  The sad truth is that a film will probably get made, be distributed in the U.S. and thousands of Americans will see the movie and add to Penn's fortunes.

Celebrities going to Cuba has almost become passé because it's done so frequently.  What on earth do they find so compelling in that mess of a country?  Washington still has a ban on U.S. travel to Cuba, but both loons are huge supporters of Obama, so he probably just looked the other way or, who knows, maybe he flew them down there on Anti-America Airways!

Conservatives make up roughly 40% of the ideology in America, whereas far-left liberals account for roughly 5% of the population.  As Mark Levin pointed on his show yesterday, 95% of the 5% hardcore leftists come from Hollywood.  If they hate America so much, please do everyone a favor and LEAVE.  Sean Penn - you're a disgrace.

Justin Credible is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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