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Amid "Climategate," Al Gore Cancels Climate Change Speech in Copenhagen

The hot air of global warmingIt seems that the tables have turned for the self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet, Al Gore.  As "climategate" exposes the lies of man made climate change, the complete mess Al Gore has cancelled his appearance and speech at the highly anticipated event in Copenhagen on December 16th.  Gore cited unforeseen changes in his schedule as the reason for the cancellation.  Yup, the event Gore's been preparing for over a year suddenly has a scheduling conflict - and Barney Frank isn't a queen.

It's more than evident that the "climategate" issue is causing some panic for the people that would reap billions from any laws based on the phony science of man made global warming.  That is, of course, except for the dwarf Senator Barbara Boxer (D - CA), who's more concerned how the emails were obtained, and the mainstream media, which has ignored the story in their weekday morning and evening news programs for 12 days.

Al Gore will be disappointing 3000 idiot ticket holders who had been expecting to see his speech and buy into his nonsense.  Maybe he was scared of being overshadowed by President Obama or thought he'd get another question that he'd have to dodge.  Whatever the excuse, or lie, it's clear that Copenhagen is becoming Nopenhagen and a complete joke.  And Obama's attendance will just make him look like an even bigger idiot with bigger ears.

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash.

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