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Michelle Obama Admits President Was Born in Kenya

The undocumented President Obama earns that nomenclature because he has a past which nobody knows anything about: he hasn't released the long-form of his birth-certificate, his student records are under lock and key, he turned down countless lucrative Wall Street jobs, but has never once given the names of these companies.  This is why we call him our undocumented president.  However, a juicy video of the meaty Michelle Obama has just popped up online and she, too, admits to be a birther.

As the First Lady spoke to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender delegate back in 2008 before Barack Obama was elected to office, she proved that once again the truth is right in front of us.

"When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya...."

So, will the media and the left-wing blogosphere label this mammoth woman as a brither?  Barack's wife, the First Lady of the United States is a birther?!  Oh, well she was probably referring to something else - maybe the other Barack Obama that everyone is so familiar with.

The fact that birthers get classified as racist, lunatics and just about everything else that's degrading, there's nothing wrong with, as hard as it may be, understanding that this undocumented man was elected to the office of the presidency, but also wanting to see his actual birth certificate.  If he has nothing to hide, why not just show it?

Bah!  Who are we kidding?  One skeleton in this guy's past will lead to the unraveling of the biggest scam in American history.  Anyone that voted for Obama should be branded with a giant 'O' on their forward - just like in Inglorious Basterds.  This way, everyone will know when they're surrounded by idiocy.

The quote is around 43-seconds.

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