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Obama and the Third Reich

YES WE CAN!There is a great documentary on The History Channel called “Saddam and the Third Reich.”  It discusses the connection between Saddam and how his party came to rise and how he is actually connected through his family to an individual in the Third Reich.  


In the documentary, it’s also revealed how some of Hitler’s tactics were used by Saddam’s party in order to gain power and ultimately keep the power and eliminate non-supporters.



Hitler came to power in Germany in a very interesting way.  Looking back to Germany in that period of time, the country was completely devastated.  After World War I, Germany was flattened and the country was on the brink of economic turmoil.  There are photos in circulation that shows citizens walking around with wheel-barrels full of the country’s currency because it had almost no value.


The country needed a change and population had little faith in their government.  Enter Adolf Hitler.  After spending some time in prison, he wrote his book “Mein Kampf” or “My Struggle.”  The book depicts the country at the time and how it got there.  Hitler blames the Jews for a majority of the problems that faced Germany and he even hinted as to what he would do in his “Final Solution.”


Hitler knew what the people wanted to hear.  Ultimately, he used that rhetoric to get elected and take every ounce of power available.  


Consider the situation and economic climate at the time Hitler was elected.  It was very similar to the past election in the United States.  The U.S. faced a terrible economic crisis that led to a financial system meltdown.  There was little faith in the government and citizens were tired of the old way things were done in Washington.


Enter Barrack Hussein Obama.  His campaign message was simple:  change.  Most importantly, he stuck to this message throughout the entire campaign.  Every speech he gave, every interview, every debate focused on “hope and change” that the country needs and he is the only way to bring about this so-called “hope and change.”


The comparison lies in how the message was delivered and the overall mood of the country.  When Hitler was elected, Germany was a mess.  Hitler laid out the framework to bring about change in the country and a way to put Germany back on top where it belonged.  He used his early years gathering support from individuals who would do anything for him, including murder.  The support for Hitler was similar to that of a cult.  Questions weren’t asked, but his followers would simply agree with the him and do anything he’d say.


President Obama was a no-name State Senator from Illinois when he ran for U.S. Senator in 2004.  Since that time, he had been planning on a run for the presidency.  Look at Obama’s voting record, both as State Senator and U.S. Senator - he voted ‘present’ a majority of the time.  However, he did vote yes or no on issues that he was passionate about.  


Obama is a radical leftist - the media just chose to ignore many of the important parts of Obama’s past.  He has a following unlike any other presidential candidate in history.  Obama has an email list of over 12 million contacts that he uses to help push his agenda.  These contacts signed up during his presidential campaign and will do anything to support him.  It’s very similar to Hitler’s followers - they smell the power and want every bit of it.  

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