Obama Signs Freedom of Press Act; Contradicts White House "Transparency"

Earlier today the undocumented President Obama singed the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act, which lists all nations that violate any sort of freedom of the press.  The State Department will identify countries that limit free press and list their violations, which include censorship, imprisonment and even physical violence on those that report the news.  The symbolic bill is named after Daniel Pearl, the Jewish Wall Street Journal reporter who was beheaded by terrorists in 2002 after the September 11th attacks.

Pearl was used as a prop to send a message to America.  The incident is a dark reminder of how inhumane and brutal our terrorist enemies are.

The Freedom of Press Act doesn't involve any actions other than listing nations and their violations in an annual Human Rights report.  Obama claims this sends a "strong message" that the United States government is paying attention to how other governments are operating.

What's ironic is that the self-proclaimed "most transparent" administration in history has violated this bill many times through censorship and limiting access to news organizations that don't share the same radical ideology.  As recently as last week, the White House announced it would be using their website and other social media sites to release information, instead of through the mainstream press.  The purpose of this is so the White House can release its own propaganda directly to the American people without any criticism or evaluation by a third party - the press in this situation.

The White House used their own website to release a video of Chairman Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.  The video is a promotion of Kagan and doesn't mention her lack of judicial experience or her anti-military stance while she was the dean of Harvard's Law School.

Going back to late 2009, the White House was in a war with cable television behemoth FOX News.  The administration refused to grant interviews to the network and attempted to limit their access because FOX often criticized the administration, as well as questioned them, something journalists are supposed to do.

The White House looked very thin-skinned in their attempt to bully FOX News.  They ultimately lost the battle to limit the freedom of the press when other news networks came to the defense of FOX.

Obama and the White House have consistently attacked talk radio and blogs.  The administration has czars that want to bring the "Fairness Doctrine" back so they can limit those who criticize their actions.

Even during the health care debate, which was crafted behind closed doors, Obama and the Democrats went to great lengths to bar the press from certain activities.

Today's bill is the right move to make, but it certainly shows how hypocritical Obama's administration is when comes to censoring those that don't paint Obama as the second coming of Christ.

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash.

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