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70 Days Later: Obama Allows Foreign Assistance in Gulf Oil Spill

8 DAYS LATERYesterday was day 70 of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. And also yesterday, President Obama has finally accepted assistance from 12 countries and other international organizations to help with the oil spill cleanup. That's right, 70 days after the spill, or 62 days after Chairman Obama finally responded to the disaster, even though he's been on top of it since day one, the United States government is allowing help from foreign nations. This a complete reversal from their original stance, where they refused to allow help from foreign nations.

Liberal sites such as refute the claim that Obama didn't allow help from foreign nations, but that's what you'd expect from a far-left, partisan organization. This connects back to the Jones Act (the Merchant Marine Act of 1920), which essentially requires all goods being transported by water between U.S. ports be carried in U.S. ships and crewed U.S. citizens, which are typically union. The reason Obama hasn't waved the Jones Act is because of his strong union connections - paying them back with the phony stimulus bill clearly wasn't enough.

Countries, dating back to the first week of the oil spill, jumped in to offer their help through skimmers and booms, which could have contained an overwhelming amount of the oil before it hit coast, thus reducing the devastating environmental impact. But the undocumented President Obama needed to keep his union friends happy, and, of course, get in that extra golf game - or seven.

More than 30 countries and international organizations have offered assistance, but the White House hasn't responded as to why they've cherry-picked their decisions of countries wanting to help.

Obama is putting politics ahead of the oil spill, and the result is already an environmental disaster. But know this: Obama's actions are part of a bigger plan. Every move he makes is a calculated effort in some form to radically change the country. He's more concerned with suing BP than stopping the oil spill or preventing the oil from hitting the coast. Therein lies his true motive behind the never let a good crisis go to waste way of dictating.

Justin Credible is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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