Keith Olbermann Gets Lunch Handed to Him by The Daily Caller

Shh....there's a pervert in the room!It's been awhile since the perverted pontificator Keith Olbermann has done something outlandish, and, well, just plain stupid.  Which is why everyone should be thanking Tucker Carlson of The Daily Caller for bringing the kumquat-shaped, liberal blowhard back into the news.  Earlier this morning, Carlson announced that The Daily Caller had made a significant acquisition:  the site had purchased the domain  The new masterpiece sends visitors to The Daily Caller's website.  Olby must be throwing a temper-tantrum.

"The opportunity to acquire arose and we felt it was a market niche which we could enter and dominate and it would be a public service, so we did it.  Plus, it's amusing as hell."

Olbermann pretended to be amused, tweeting that he hoped whoever sold the domain name "got CASH."  But the perverted talk show host also hinted at legal action, which isn't out of the question.

Internet cyber-squating laws are complex, and the liberal MSNBC host may have a case to shut down the site.  Let's just hope that they don't show any full body shots of this kumquat-shaped creep or else people will be throwing-up their dinners everywhere.

For those wanting to give feedback about, you can email Tucker Carlson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Way to go, Daily Caller!

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