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Obama's Fiscal Cliff Plan: Higher Taxes and More Spending

In typical liberal and propaganda fashion, last week Barack Obama released his plan to deal with the fiscal cliff.  It was a joke met with laughs from Senator Mitch McConnell.  Interestingly, Obama had tax cheat Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner present the plan, which included multiple tax increases...from a guy that failed to pay his own taxes.  The proposal shows that the president and Democrats have zero interest in addressing the fiscal cliff, which will put America deeper into recession and increase unemployment.  Once again, a radical liberal ideology trumps what's best for the country.

Obama's proposal would cut the deficit by $1.6 trillion.  However, we have zero faith this would ever occur, considering his promise to cut the deficit by $4 trillion in his first term.  He added almost double that, putting the country into a deeper hole.  To acheive these alleged cuts, tax increases that will affect every American are at the core. 

On top of higher taxes, disguised as "revenue," is an additional $50 billion in new spending for the administration.  This is for political paybacks to his constituents.  Yes, when trying to reduce the deficit, Obama asked for more money.  This is the leadership we have from the Democratic Party in Washington.

Additionally, Obama proposed that the conversation on spending cuts wait until next year.  He wants to decouple spending cuts from tax increases and the fiscal cliff talks, which means he has zero interest in discussing the country's biggest problem: out of control spending.  While this takes place, Obama is jetting off to Hawaii on a three-week vacation.  The fiscal cliff discussion has shown how stupid a majority of Americans are, as they voted for the most incompetent leader the country has ever had.

In reponse, Republicans put forward a plan that includes about $800 billion in new taxes through increases.  This is principally counter to the Republican Party and should never have happened.  This is not a taxing issue; it's a drunken spending issue.  If Republicans were smart, they'd go over the fiscal cliff, take some short term heat and show the country that tax increases will kill any chance of recovery the economy has.  The Democrats and Obama have zero interest in fixing Washington - they only want to take more from the individual so they can spend more money on their dystopian agenda.

Going over the fiscal cliff will help Republicans in the long run and will significantly hurt the Democratic Party.

Cliff Levine is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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