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Obamacare's Next Target: On the Job Coverage

The architects of Obamacare knew exactly what they were doing when they rammed the bill into law.  Hidden in Obamacare are many details that show the desired path of the law: a single payer health care system under the all powerful centralized government.  With insurance premiums skyrocketing, many employers will not be able to afford health care for employees, and instead opt to pay the Obamacare fine.  This is exactly how Obamacare was designed.

For employers that purchase health insurnace in small-group markets, it's all but expected that millions will stop offering health care to employees because of the higher cost.  This is going to dump millions of Americans into the Obamacare exchanges, which is a primary objective for liberals.  Besty McCaughey writes in The New York Post outlines this:

Losing on-the-job coverage

But there’s no way to hide the impact on the 25 million to 30 million Americans who could lose coverage in the coming months.

For the same reasons that millions of policies in the individual market were canceled last year, employers who buy plans in the small-group market will have a hard time renewing their old plans this year. Many will have to choose between providing the more costly ObamaCare benefit package or dropping coverage altogether.

Count on employers with low-wage work forces (such as retailers, hoteliers and restaurateurs) to push employees and their families into the exchanges.

This is only the start.  With premiums going through the roof, the government will be running the health care market in no time.  Of course, after they bail out the insurance companies.

Cliff Levine is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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