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GOP Plans Lawsuit Over Obamacare Employer Mandate Enforcement

The imperial president may actually get called out for his actions enforcing Obamacare.  Or rather, not enforcing the law and changing whatever he likes whenever he likes, showing Obama's complete disregard for the law.  House Republicans plan to sue the Obama regime over his disregard for Obamacare, which he willy nilly changes as he see fit, something very totalitarian.  While the GOP opposes Obamacare, the threat of a president doing whatever they'd like needs to be stopped.

From the LA Times:

House leaders announced Thursday that their planned lawsuit against President Obama would focus on his failure to enforce provisions of the Affordable Care Act, renewing a fight over his landmark health law.

Speaker John A. Boehner had previously announced plans to sue the president over what he said was Obama's failure to fulfill his constitutional duties, but Boehner did not specify what the challenge would be based on.

A draft resolution posted Thursday afternoon singles out the Obama administration's decision to delay enforcement of a requirement that employers provide health benefits for their employees or face a fine. Enforcement of the so-called employer mandate was put off twice, once from 2014 to 2015, and then again to phase it in by 2016.

"In 2013, the president changed the healthcare law without a vote of Congress, effectively creating his own law by literally waiving the employer mandate and the penalties for failing to comply with it," Boehner said in a statement. "That's not the way our system of government was designed to work. No president should have the power to make laws on his or her own."

The resolution will be considered July 16 by the House Rules Committee. A vote by the full House could come the following week.

Democrats have decried Boehner's plans to sue Obama as an election-year stunt to motivate conservatives in the midterm election. The same Republicans who have threatened to repeal Obamacare are now suing because they claim it was not properly enforced, Democrats complain.

This is not about an election year stunt.  It's about stopping an imperial president.

Justin Credible is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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