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White House, Democrats Reveal Credit Downgrade Strategy: Blame the Tea Party

It was only a matter of time before liberals began placing blame for the Standard and Poors (S&P) downgrade that occurred on Friday night.  Rather than looking to find a strategy and a way to put America back on the proper course to prosperity, the White House and Democrats decided to place blame on the Tea Party.  Though it's an ideology and a movement, not a political party, it's a target that liberals despise because it has the support from millions of America.  The best part?  The Tea Party doesn't have a leader, which makes it harder to attack.  Regardless, this was the strategy taken by a number of miscreant Democrats that hit the Sunday shows yesterday, proving they have zero interest solving America's debt crisis.  

John "D-Student" Kerry, the yacht owner who married into money and is essentially a traitor for his role after the Vietnam role (along with Hanoi Jane Fonda), followed the Democratic talking points yesterday on NBC's Meet the Depressed:

"I believe this is, without question, the tea party downgrade."

Shortly afterwards on another Sunday show, David Axelrod, former chief of staff of Obama, also used the same language to place blame on the Tea Party, but, again, not providing any solutions to the problem.   

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What's interesting is that, in their report, S&P specifically cited the problem of placing blame on the other party as a reason they believe that the debt ceiling bill, voted on last week, would not be followed through.  It's also important to note that had it not been for the conservatives in the GOP, especially the Tea Party, President Obama would have simply raised the debt ceiling without addressing any sort of spending.

"Congress and the administration are jointly responsible for the conduct of fiscal policy.  So, this is not really about either political party," David Beers, head of S&P's government debt-rating agency.

The partisan bickering needs to end; however, to be fair, the bickering is coming from the extreme left-wing of the Democratic party.  Essentially, these Marxists are placing blame on an entity that, if anything, didn't nothing but force the Democrats to take the deficit seriously.  The Tea Party brought attention to the issue, which caused the nation to be shoved debt ceiling news 24/7 for nearly three weeks.  It was necessary and the right thing to do, but it put Democrats and the White House on the defensive, which is why they're lashing out, proving that liberalism is a mental disorder.  

The other issue that led the S&P to downgrade America's credit rating?  Future federal health care costs.  The White House will not budge on Obamacare out of principle, despite an overwhelming majority of Americans wanting the law repealed.  And the horror stories of socialized health care are true, so America's best days are certainly behind them.  Included in these health care costs are Medicare and Medicaid, both of which will explode under Obamacare.  

Looking at the facts, without the Tea Party, the White House would've raised the debt ceiling without promising or making any spending cuts.  The S&P's credit downgrade certainly wasn't a surprise, as they had been mentioning it for some time.  The mere fact that Democrats, especially the White House, are politicizing the situation and looking for a scapegoat proves they have zero ability to lead, especially in a time of crisis.  

Keep blaming the Tea Party.  It just shows that the Democrats are clueless on how to address the biggest problem facing America.  And Mr. President, enjoy your vacation to Martha's Vineyard after a week of birthday celebrations.  You've deserved it!

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash.

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