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Experience is Not a Prerequisite for GOP or Any Presidential Candidates

This is now my second shot at this article, as I got sidetracked during the first attempt.  The GOP presidential field will likely gain more candidates, thus it's silly to back anyone at this point in time.  We can all at least agree that a tin can would be a better president than Barack Obama - at least a tin can can't enforce regulation by government fiat.  We also know that there are some candidates who simply don't have a chance and are in the race for attention and to raise their social stature.  A criticism that is often argued by political pundits is the level of experience a candidate possesses.  You'll hear how a member of the House of Representatives has virtually no chance of being elected and other reasons why an individual's experience hinders their chances of winning.  That notion is no longer applicable, thanks to Barack Obama.

To this day, only Obama's closest allies know exactly who he is.  The public, although some may believe he's the Messiah and they follow his every beck and call, has only a slight idea of who he is, given what's been made public and what was in the two memoirs he wrote as a United States Senator.  Experience, which was once lauded and was the starting block for candidates, is no longer applicable for presidential politics, plain and simple.  Every Republican presidential candidate has more experience than Obama, which is why the experience point will not be a focus in the 2012 general election.

Look, Barack Obama was a community organizer.  He served in the Illinois State Senate, followed by a year and half in the United States Senate.  The remainder of his Senate term was spent campaigning.  We'll give liberals credit for trying to pull a quick one, but he was not active in the Senate for four years.  While in the Illinois Senate, he voted present 129 times to avoid any sort of accountability, which has been transferred into his presidency.  It's why Obama constantly blames someone else.

He apparently has a law degree, but nobody has seen his transcript, so we don't even know if he was as good of a student as John "D-Student" Kerry.  He's not a constitutional scholar, as is often claimed by the left.  Rather, he lectured at a few courses on the subject while at the University of Chicago with the domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.

All of this is public information.  I'm mentioning it because the word "experience" is being thrown around left and right about the GOP presidential candidates and it's a non-issue.  Organizing protests for ACORN outside the homes of private citizens is now the only prerequisite for becoming President of the United States of America.  The liberal media will never bring it up during the general election because they know Obama is a prime example of on the job learning.  And America looks like its being led by someone who doesn't have the slightest clue as to what's going on.

Presidential candidates now need to have a minimum of a community organizer on their résumé.  The experience point is moot forever.

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash.

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