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Obama's Familiar Jobs Push: Roads, Bridges and Green Energy

As the Washington Examiner pointed out, during his three-minute speech this morning, President Obama required two, high-tech teleprompters.  He was announcing that a jobs plan would be unveiled next week and that an academic, Alan Krueger, had been nominated as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors.  Most of the original members of the team have left, indicating there's a problem, particularly with producing results.  The jobs speech, set to take place next week, contains the familiar agenda and messaging that's been previously pushed by the White House, which begs many questions.  Regardless, a jobs push by Obama is not intended to produce results, but rather it's politically motivated for his 2012 re-election campaign.

President Obama wants to "rebuild America" using the failed Keynesian theories that have already been tried.  CBS News reported that the speech will be next week and that Obama worked on his job creation plan during his vacation to Martha's Vineyard.  That was before they reported the phony $787 billion union payback stimulus bill produced $1.44 for every $1 spent, yet, millions of Americans remain unemployed.  Regardless, Obama's top economic people are basing their plans on theory they teach in academia, not on real world results.

A detail released today is that the administration will be pushing for a $109 billion roads and bridges bill that's currently stuck between the House and the Senate.  The bill is not paid for and requires new borrowing.  The fact that this is even on the table is proof that Washington just doesn't get the problems they've created.  By focusing on infrastructure and investment, two previously used focus-grouped terms, it's clear that Obama has been jerked around by the labor union thugs, whose support he desperately needs in 2012.  The beneficiaries of roads and bridges work is overwhelmingly the labor unions.  If the stimulus worked, there wouldn't be a need for this bill.  There are more than just construction workers that are out of work.

Another component of the roads and bridges bill are tax breaks for businesses that retrofit their buildings so they're energy efficient and meet the latest green requirements.  This is to appease the extreme environmental wing of the liberal base.  There are more stories now of green companies going out of business than there are green jobs created.  Again, this is not intended to create jobs; it's intended to please the liberal base.

Obama's jobs plan has one primary purpose: to paint the Republicans as the party of no.  Obama will push for more spending and regulation, which the GOP will not support.  This will allow Obama to campaign and say he tried to fix the economy, but Republicans put their party in front of the country.  This was previewed during his non-political, political bus tour two weeks ago in the Midwest.  Obama doesn't have a plan other than blaming the other party.  His ideology doesn't allow him to improve the economy, especially in time for the 2012 election.

Of the two items mentioned so far, it's proof that liberalism has no rearview mirror. These were already tried and failed in the stimulus bill.  For someone who blames the other party of putting party first, President Obama has done nothing but put himself and his party first.

At least he didn't mention corporate jet owners!

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash.

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