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Obama's Same Sex Marriage Evolution is This Week's Shiny New Object

Guess what the media isn't focusing on this week?  The economy, which posted dismal figures last week, gas prices, the terrorist plot by CIA double agent, and anything else that negatively affects President Obama.  Instead, the Obama campaign has given the media a bright, shiny new object to play with: the President's acceptance, err, evolution on same sex marriage.  Billed as historic by such a historic president, something that affects about 5% of America shouldn't be the centerpiece of attention.  What's more is that Obama's support of gay marriage doesn't change anything - it's a state issue and Obama can't introduce legislation.  What we've seen is a clever campaign that's able to divert attention, increase campaign donations and make sure the Tea Party doesn't get back into the news cycle.

What many people don't realize is that Obama's billion dollar campaign is struggling with donation.  The tarnished brand of "Hope and Change" left a sour taste in mouths of Americans who are going to prove they're not stupid, not racist, this time around.  It was reported that gay donors, which make up one-sixth of Obama's major donation bundlers, were withholding their donations because Obama had done little to help their movement - and they were pissed!  All of those $3 bills sat in the pockets of donors, not with the Obama campaign, where they were desperately needed.  In fairness, Obama did repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) and he's ignored DOMA.  

90 minutes after Obama made his evolution known on ABC News, his campaign pulled in $1 million from complete morons that don't realize the president can't propose legislation.  And Obama is about three years late on this issue - Dick Cheney came to the same conclusion in 2009.

The issue here, though, has nothing to do with same sex marriage.  It's about the radical Left fundamentally trying to redefine the word marriage, which is between a man and a woman.  It's part of the extreme liberal agenda, where they claim everything is a civil right.  Otherwise, what's the point in satisfying such a minority, while angering blacks and religious Latinos?  We know over 90% of blacks will vote for him solely because of his skin color, which is absolutely pathetic.  To get the Latinos back on board, expect a DREAM Act or type push close to the election.

But the timing here is what's most interesting.  The Tea Party is dead, according to the media.  On Tuesday night, the Tea Party showed how alive and well they are by voting out Dick Lugar (R - IN) in the Indiana Senate primary.  Lugar was a favorite of Democrats because he's a liberal Republican.  In addition, Obama only garnered 59% of the vote in West Virginia, with over 40% going to a convicted felon.  That's hilarious, but scary if you're an Obama brown shirt.  But there's more!  In Wisconsin for the recall election of Governor Scott Walker, the candidate pushed by the Communist labor union thugs lost - their candidate was beaten by a guy that entered the race only this past March!  The labor unions have been at this since February 2011.  This was a wake up call that their collective bargaining wet dream is a non-issue and that union boss thugs don't necessarily speak for union workers.

Obama's evolution on same sex marriage was a planned distraction, followed by a Washington Compost story uncovering that Mitt Romney cut a kid's stupid haircut back in high school over 40 years ago.  Oh, the kid apparently was gay, but it wasn't known at the time.  This was red meat for the elite media - apparently a coke head of a president that's friends with anti-American Marxists and domestic terrorists just isn't that interesting.  Everything is coordinated with the well-oiled Obama machine.

Justin Credible is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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