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Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare as a Tax and Awakes a Sleeping Giant

There's no reason to hide what happened yesterday: the American people got f*cked.  The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in a 5-4 vote, with Justice Kennedy siding with the Constitution and Chief Justice Roberts making one of the most nonsensical, demented majority rulings ever, as he sided with the liberals.  The individual mandate is considered a tax, which Obama, that old bag Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid vehemently stated it wasn't.  Essentially, Roberts punted, stating that elections have consequences.  They sure do, as America has been "fundamentally transformed."

There are conservatives in the media claiming this is some sort of victory.  They're as mentally disabled as Nancy Pelosi, who wore her lucky blue pumps yesterday - what a cute little Marxist.  Yesterday was a win for the most radical, anti-American liberals in the country.  End of story.  Roberts, during the oral arguments, never asked for a brief on taxes.  And all of sudden, out of his ass yesterday comes the notion that the individual mandate is a tax, though, nobody ever called it a tax!  He handed the victory to Obama and his sycophants.  The writing was on the wall from his decision on Arizona on Monday.

The only silver lining from the Supreme Court's decision is that they have awakened a sleeping giant, the same giant that brought record change to the political system in 2010.  November has gotten infinitely more important - and to the Ron Paul supporters out there that don't want to vote because their guy isn't in the race, STOP BEING FUCKING MORONS.  These perverts are just as bad as liberal drones.  Punish the country because their guy isn't an option, how adult.

Mitt Romney does have a tremendous opportunity with the message crafted in the majority opinion: Obamacare is the biggest tax in American history.  Doubled with the horrific economy, a man with business experience - not a community organizer with a drunk, womanizing, Marxist father - is exactly what the American people want.  The biggest tax hike ever is one tough issue to run on, and we need to make that point again and again and again.

Obamacare being upheld is beyond frustrating, but it doesn't change how unpopular the law still is.  This is a major problem for the Obama campaign, so expect little attention to it and an onslaught of negative attack ads against Romney.  

Obamacare is the biggest monster ever unleashed on the American people.  The only way to fix it is in November.  And don't forget that we need to take into account the 2-3% voter fraud, so winning will be extra hard.  But all we need are 51 votes in the Senate to repeal and end this abortion.  The bigger worry is how hard the HHS is going to work to implement the law to make it next to impossible to repeal.  Either way, Obama followed through on his promise to "fundamentally transform" the United States of America.  Only someone with contempt for the greatest country in the world makes a statement like that.

The Loyal Opposition is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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