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The DNC Recap: Lies, Propaganda and Big Government

Wow.  So the absolute freak show that was the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has now concluded.  It was an incest bukkake to say the least.  Not since 2008 has such a large group of anti-American degenerates filled a single location.  The themes were simple: propaganda, lies and big government.  It was as if every delegate flew in from the Soviet Union, with their contempt for America and the individual.  Tyranny is always sold as a package of freebies; as compassionate; something for the people, when in fact, it's an iron fist camouflaged as a silk glove.

This is what happens when President Obama has a failed record to run on: target the emotion of fear.  Filled with lies and an incestuous love big government, the hard Left took off their gloves and attacked Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in every aspect.  It started with the Left's latest cult of personality, Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio.  He was quite the elegant reader, like Obama in 2004, but he's out for himself to succeed.  Oh, and his mother?  She's a co-founder of the radical, anti-American Latino group La Raza.  Castro is a younger Obama radical.

Michelle Obama dedicated her speech to telling us who Barack Obama is, because after four years, nobody knows who the hell he is.  Well, we know he's a coke head that grew up with anti-American Marxists - one of which was a pedophile.  The main take away from Michelle is that Barack was a dumpster diver for coffee tables.  Michelle's goal was to distract from Obama's failures.

Contraception activist Sandra Fluke spoke, making women everywhere look helpless and pathetic if it weren't for her - or had Nancy Pelosi not hand picked her for the phony war on women that was intended as a distraction.  Unfortunately, no condoms were dropped after her speech.  Sandra Fluke is a freak show that wants the government to pay for sex changes.  The is seriously disturbed in the head.

And for Elizabeth Warren, she doubled-down on her notion that big government creates and owns the individual.  The lies coming from her mouth - which is between her 1/32 Native American cheekbones - aren't even worth referencing, although they are reminiscent of the lies she wrote on her college and job applications.

Warren opened up for accused rapist Bill Clinton that was impeached for lying under oath.  His speech, while dazzling the lemmings in a crowd, was literally 95% full of absolute lies; he attacked Mitt Romney and Republicans almost the entire time, while making women drool with his perverted smile - yes, the alleged war on women liberals would gladly spread their legs for an accused rapist.  The takeaway from Clinton was that he's a leader and Obama has been an utter failure.  But only BJ Bill Jefferson can get away with lying to the American people for so many years.

Joe Biden doesn't even deserve comment because he's a disgrace to the government.  That leaves us with Barack Hussein Obama, who left us with more empty promises to distract from his failed presidency.  Actually, he presented goals to the American people, but failed to touch on the failed promises of 2008.  It was a recycled State of the Union address, with numerous jabs at Mitt Romney.  He hit Romney about his lack of foreign policy experience, but failed to mention his complete inexperience with foreign policy before taking office.  Frankly, we'd argue Obama still lacks foreign policy experience.  Hell, it was Hillary Clinton that called for the Osama bin Laden raid after Obama cancelled three times.

So, what was missing?  The economy and unemployment were avoided.  As for Obamacare, he lied about reality and failed to mention that 70% of Americans want the law repealed.  But that wasn't the point.  His intention was to drum up his radical base, which, judging the audience, are obsessed with a cult of personality and have zero hope in themselves.  There was nothing notable in Obama's speech outside of empty promises. 

Overall, the Democratic National Convention was a necessary step to see how anti-American the modern day Democrat Party is.  They hate this country, as was evidenced with their obsession with class warfare and big government.  The extreme liberal sect of the party - we're talking mentally ill individuals - was the target of the convention.  Independents who are actually independents will be disgusted with this three day freak show of some of the most disgusting human beings in American politics.

There's nothing else that's warranted to say here without getting furious that there are people in this country, including President Obama, that hate America and are doing everything in their power to destroy it.  It's that which needs to give everyone motivation to get as many people to the polls, educate as many independents as possible and support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Another four years of Obama with end America as we know it.

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash.

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