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Incompetent Americans Prove They Despise the Country - Welcome to Ameritopia

What can be said that isn't already understood?  There are too many disgusting Americans that prefer government handouts rather than working hard, which is what this country was built on.  This is beyond fucked up and words cannot explain how the greatest country in the world got to a point where the producers are viewed as deadly enemies that need to be punished; how the government is viewed as the solution for everybody's problems; how an anti-American Marxist that divided the country the worst it has ever been wins re-election.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ameritopia.

We are all fucked, particularly because Obamacare has zero chance of being repealed.  For those that have never experienced socialized medicine, you're in for a treat.

So get your Obama phones, your free birth control, and while you're at it, take whatever the fuck you want from you neighbors home.  The American people proved to be an uneducated group of degenerates on November 6, 2012.  May God help us.

if it's not clear now, we'll make it clear: conservatism is the only way to defeat liberalism. The Republican Party needs a rude awakening. Expect 2014 to be like 2010 - we just hope people will still be up for the fight.

The Loyal Opposition doesn't care what you think about his terse language and is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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