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AFL-CIO Labor Union Sets Up Website to Intimidate and Track CEO Pay

Class warfare is what liberals do best. Without it, they have nothing to rile up their violent labor union thugs. Despite the facts that the millionaires and billionaires in America, which our newly documented President Obama defines as anyone earning over $250,000, create the jobs and drive the economy, socialists, like the president and labor union leaders, want to punish those that produce. The latest example of this is the fat-slob Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO labor union. His violent organization has set up a new website called Executive Pay Watch to monitor and disclose the salaries of those evil CEOs that create millions of American Jobs.

From Power News Network:

"ALF-CIO President Richard Trumka, announced the new website Executive Pay Watch, a part of the union's campaign in support of Wall Street reform. In a press release on April 19, 2011 the website is described as containing a searchable databank of 299 of S&P 500 companies. In addition to disclosing CEO salaries, the website compares them to past years as well as median industry salaries for workers."

The motive of this website is intimidation by the violent AFL-CIO labor union. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill will cripple our financial markets and give significant power to the federal government. The bill includes banning "conflict minerals" and creates a diversity agency designed to monitor "minority and women inclusion." Unions supported the Wall Street Reform bill, which does nothing to reform Wall Street, because of the "proxy access" portion of the bill that helps them get a seat on boards of directors. Do as I say, not as I do, the liberal modus operandi continues.

"Pay Watch research has exposed executive compensation for the 299 companies totaling $3.4 billion in 2010. According to the website, this is enough money to support 102,325 jobs at a median annual wage of $33,190 for the same year. President Trumka hopes that exposing stunning 'disparity between CEO and workers' pay' will encourage 'people to contact lawmakers to defend and strengthen Wall Street Reform."

What liberals constantly fail to understand is how a capitalist society works. People are paid based on their skill set, not just because someone thinks they deserve it. CEOs have large salaries because they're increasing revenue, which leads to higher pay and more jobs for the "workers," as the slob Trumka likes to call them. There's no disparity to expose - the focus is to threaten businesses that employ Trumka's minions.

Labor unions are losing power, which ends up hurting Democrats because they receive so much of their campaign contributions from the unions. When union members actually have a choice on whether or not they want to be members of a union, suddenly that extra money at the end of the month looks better in their pocket than giving it their radical leaders who use it for political purposes. Right now, union members don't have a choice, which is why Wisconsin is a battle they're fighting until the bitter end.

Liberals and Democrats use class warfare to divide America. It's straight from Marxism. This is why they hate the fair tax; suddenly everyone pays an equal amount, something they don't want. It's funny how it works: liberals claim to want equality, but when quality presents itself, their true motive comes to the surface.

The obvious solution to counter Richard Trumka, who hopefully isn't too busy talking to the White House, is that there should be a site documenting labor union leader's massive salaries, as well as health care and pension benefits of union workers versus private sector employees. Something out there likely exists, but it's funny watching Trumka compare the median annual wage to what a CEO earns. This degenerate rakes in over $300,000 annually for contributing nothing to society, other than a fat carbon footprint.

Justin Credible is a contributing editor for Habledash.

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