Obamacare Mandate Committee Dictates What Gets Covered by Insurance

Obamacare is still in its infancy, despite the Obama administration's attempt to implement as much of it as possible so it will be harder to undo.  What we know about Obamacare is beyond frightening, but most of the general public is oblivious to it, primarily because of the liberal media, which strongly supports our Marxist president and his dystopia.  The Wall Street Journal wrote an article last week titled, "Meet the Obamacare Mandate Committee" and it's a disturbing reminder of the centralized, authoritarian piece of legislation that Obamacare really is.  Those evil insurance companies?  They will be dictated by the panel of "experts" with what they're required to cover under insurance plans.  All of this will be controlled by a select group of individuals that conduct policy in the politburo.  Be very afraid.

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