Boehner Revises Debt Ceiling Bill as White House Threatens Veto

Once again, this isn't Groundhog Day. After calls for shared sacrifice, compromise and birthday cakes made of rainbows in his Monday night press conference, President Obama's White House staff again threatened to veto House Speaker John Boehner's debt ceiling bill. Essentially, Tuesday was a claptrap and a complete waste of a day as the GOP tried to get bipartisan support on Boehner's bill, but couldn't even muster enough votes from their base to pass it. If this nonstop rigmarole was as exciting as Congressman Barney Frank's gay brothel that he operated out of his house in the 1980's, it'd be much more interesting. It's not, but it certainly highlights how demagogic President Obama and his liberal cronies are when they don't have a solution.

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