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Obama the Community Agitator

This article, from the American Thinker, published back in October shows exactly what we're dealing with.  Guilty by association?  ABSOLUTELY!  Frank Marshall Davis the pedophile, was one of Obama's close contacts during his childhood.  What about Saul Alinski?  The founder of Community Organizing?  Obama is their Manchurian Candidate.  They slept for 20 years and came out stronger than ever to get one them into the White House.  Read this article and you'll completely understand.

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Unions Want to Take Over YOUR 401K

Don't they have enough with the likelihood of the open ballot vote for unions passing in Congress? 

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Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures

The numbers don't lie - look what Obama has and will continue to do with our country's deficit.  If this continues, it will truly be generational theft.
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