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Kenneth Cole's New Spring Lineup Tweet Causes Chaos, Riots in Egypt

Too soon?  That's what some are saying about Kenneth Cole's tweet heard 'round the world yesterday.  Using the Twitter account @KennethCole, the company's CEO hilariously tried to connect their new spring lineup to the massive chaos that's ensuing in Egypt.  While the country teeters on the edge of being taken over by Islamic extremists, the clothing company CEO used it as an opportunity to break the ice....about his awesome new spring lineup.  He's retracted the tweet, but only because he had to.

@KennethCole: Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online.

That's it.  Offensive?  Absolutely not.  The political correctness in America is absolutely ridiculous.  Kenneth Cole never said he condones the violence; he simply used satire to push his new spring lineup.

Greg Gutfeld of FOX News' Red Eye took the opportunity to poke fun at Kenneth Cole, as many did on Twitter after the tweet went viral.

@GregGutfeld: Considering suicide? Why not jump into @KennethCole 's new spring collection first?

There's a fake Kenneth Cole PR account - @KennethColePR - which many believe to be more offensive.  It's exactly like the fake BP account that was created after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last summer and it definitely crosses the line at times.  Here are some of the fake Kenneth Cole PR tweets that many find offensive:

@KennethColePR: Of course there are no gays in Iran, they're all shopping at my new outlet in Dubai. Holla! #KennethColeTweets

@KennethColePR: You're gonna want to Abu Ghraib one of our hoodies before they're gone. #KennethColeTweets

@KennethColePR: Jeffrey Dahmer would have eaten up our spring collection! #KennethColeTweets

@KennethColePR: Rolling through Germany? Gestapo by our new Berlin store! #KennethColeTweets

Of course Kenneth Cole's tweet yesterday was inappropriate, which is why it was funny.  Nothing appropriate is funny.

The tweet had such a backlash that Kenneth Cole retracted and deleted it; he posted an apology on Facebook.  Kenneth Cole probably got more press from this boner than any of his other advertising methods.

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