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Jesse Jackson Jr. Seeking Treatment for Pre-Indictment Syndrome

Jesse Jackson Jr. (D - IL) has been in Congress since 1995.  His district is predominantly black, making it very Democratic.  He continues to get re-elected because he promises the welfare state to his constituents, which only grows the entitlement society that makes up America.  Well Triple J, as we'll call him, has been on a leave of absence since June 10 for "physical and emotional ailments."  What's missing from the conversation is that Triple J is under investigation for trying to buy former Senator Obama's Illinois Senate seat.  Therefore, Triple J is suffering Pre-Indictment Syndrome.

From the WSJ:

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D., Ill.) is undergoing inpatient treatment for “physical and emotional ailments” that are more serious than previously thought, his office said in a news release Thursday.

The congressman’s office had said on June 25 that the 47-year-old son of civil rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson had begun a leave of absence on June 10, citing exhaustion and providing no timeline for his return.

“Congressman Jackson’s medical condition is more serious than we thought and initially believed,” the office said in Thursday’s release.  “Recently, we have been made aware that he has grappled with certain physical and emotional ailments privately for a long period of time.”

The statement didn’t say where Rep. Jackson, who was first elected in 1995, is being treated nor did it specify his ailments.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich, who is currently serving prison time after being convicted of trying to sell Obama's former Senate seat, is deeply connected to this situation, as is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and President Obama himself.  The Senate seat was worth a lot of money to Blago, which he wasn't about to let go without a price.  Triple J was involved in the process, which Congress is currently investigating.

All of this stress stems from Triple J's Pre-Indictment Syndrome where, if the Chicago Political Machine doesn't intervene, will show he wanted that seat and offered campaign money to get it.  Apparently Triple J's syndrome isn't too severe, as he was recently spotted seeing Al Green in concert at Ravinia in northern Illinois.  We pray that Jesse had decent seats because his ailment is quite serious.

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